Home Made Doggy Cookies!

Hi! Mama made me cookies! Peanut butter cookies!!!! Nom nom nom. She says it was a lot easier than she thought, I say eating them was easy too! Although, I can only have one at a time (selfish).

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Feeling like Maverick! #TopGun

Hi! Mama gets very worried about me in the cold! Philadelphia has had a wind chill that has made Philly be below freezing for the temperature this week! It’s a good thing I love the attention when she dresses me up – EVERYONE talks about how cute I am in my clothes!

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Let’s talk about Poop!

Hi! Another confession time….I’m a serial poop eater. (*Mama Gags*) You name it, I eat it! Deer poop, bunny poop, cat poop..all the poops! Nom nom nom. Oh, and if I’m not eating it, I’m definitely rolling in it! Mama says it’s disgusting, especially as I love to give her kisses! 

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Grooming Tips, From a Groomer!

Hi! Mama knows the owner of Adorapaws pet salon and grooming services in Southampton, England! Her name is Jackie Coombes and she is a fabulous groomer with years and years of working with fur-babies!
Mama asked her some questions about how to keep us all happy, healthy & gorgeous!
Big Lick,

Kayden xoxo

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Tetley’s Story!

Hi! Woohoo Featured Furiend! This buddy of mine is from England – “Wud Yu Lyke A Spot A Tea Mate?” I wonder if he knows the Queen, she has doggies! Tetley’s story describes how he is very a unique puppy, but with a big loving family! You can follow my furiend Tetley on Instagram – @tetleys_tails (you won’t regret it!)

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“It’s a dog..not a child!”

Hi! Mama says there’s people out there who think I’m spoiled! ME! Can you believe it? I just have 1000 toys, especially cooked food, my own tooth brush, my own toothpaste, my own shampoo, my own conditioner, leave in conditioner, more clothes than my daddy, multiple shoes, my own bed, treats given to me at a head tilt and anything else I could ever want…me? Spoiled? Ha.

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Dean’s Story!

Hi! Yay for another FEATURED FURIEND and can you believe, all the way from Australia! Does that mean little Dean is upside down!? Dean’s story describes the unique love a doggy can provide to an owner – something everyone who has a fur-baby can relate to! You can follow my furiend Dean on Instagram – @phonesrule  (for a daily dosage of cuteness!)

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Healthy Puppy Snacks!

Hi! If it were up to me, here’s what my daily food noms would be: Peanut butter, peanut butter and more peanut butter! Mama gives me other things to eat too, some of them I just chew and leave on the floor – others I love! (I also love deer poop, but for some reason Mama screams when I eat or roll in it…so weird!)

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Beth’s Story!

Hi! I’m so excited to have my first FEATURED FURRIEND who lives in New Jersey, U.S.A.! This is Beth’s inspiring and brave story about her unique relationship with her gorgeous adopted female fur-baby, Maci! You can follow Beth and Maci on Instagram – @bethwoodnorman  Continue reading “Beth’s Story!”

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