Hi! I’m so excited to have my first FEATURED FURRIEND who lives in New Jersey, U.S.A.! This is Beth’s inspiring and brave story about her unique relationship with her gorgeous adopted female fur-baby, Maci! You can follow Beth and Maci on Instagram – @bethwoodnorman 

Hope you enjoy her story as much as I did! Thanks for sharing Beth!
Big Lick,
Kayden xoxo

Maci keeping a look-out!

“Growing up, I always wanted a pup. When I was in fourth grade, my parents surprised me Veterans’ Day weekend with a schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix). I was a huge Yankees fan so I named him Ansky (YouTube Ansky and it will all make sense). He was the light of all of our lives; bouncing from my house, to my brother’s, to my sister’s. In 2012, our fifteen year old pup was suffering from a brain tumor so we had to put him down. I remember crying for days because he wasn’t just a dog, he was a part of our crazy family.

Four years later, in my apartment with my fiancé, I decided I was ready to welcome a new little doggie. We were limited on our options because our apartment would only allow small dogs. I researched petfinder for weeks and found this little mut who needed a home. I dragged my fiancé to the foster house and this pup won our hearts instantly.

We rescued Maci but I never thought she would be the one to rescue me. I was recently diagnosed with anxiety and depression (I always suffered but finally had the courage to see a doctor), and I needed more help than I could understand. I went to the doctor, tried therapy, went on medication but the real cure was Maci. To come home every day to someone who so selflessly loves you, who tries to protect you no matter how small, who snuggles when you’re having a meltdown… This tiny, ten pound, furry, annoying creature ended up rescuing me. I don’t know how I lived before having her in my life. It’s amazing how a dog is a cure to my life. She makes me feel whole and she gives me purpose. I’m so thankful my Maci baby rescued me.

Being that this pup is the light of my life, I have done a lot of research on how to make her happy and healthy. Here are my tips:

  1. Feed your dog pumpkin (you can buy it by the can at the super market, just make sure to get pure pumpkin and not pumpkin pie filling) It’s good for their digestive system as well as their coats!
  2. Buy a bag of baby carrots and use it as treats for your pup! They can eat as many as they want; they are super healthy and super cheap!
  3. Your dog loves you more than s/he loves him/herself. Return the favor!”
Snuggles with Mom!