Hi! If it were up to me, here’s what my daily food noms would be: Peanut butter, peanut butter and more peanut butter! Mama gives me other things to eat too, some of them I just chew and leave on the floor – others I love! (I also love deer poop, but for some reason Mama screams when I eat or roll in it…so weird!)

Keep reading to find out more about healthy snacks!
Big Lick,
37I will admit – nothing makes me happier than giving Kayden a treat and seeing his happy little face look up at me with enjoyment. Seeing him happy, makes me incredibly happy. Unfortunately, this makes him a little chubster in the food department! And Kayden is already vertically challenged, so his extra weight shows easily! Ugh.

So I did some research into healthy, REAL food that I could give Kayden as low-calorie alternatives to his beloved peanut butter:

Bananas – Kayden loves bananas, I’m 100% certain he somehow inherited my sweet-tooth somehow (I know, that’s not possible…ssshhh!) The fiber in bananas help with doggy metabolism and they are picked with great vitamins B6 & C! The sugar in the fruit means they should definitely be given in moderation – Kayden usually has a bite or two of my banana in the mornings!

Apples – Sometimes, and I know it’s hard to imagine, but puppies don’t always have the freshest of breath! Apples are a great way to get excess plaque off of teeth and freshen breath! Apples also have fiber, so it wouldn’t be recommended to chow down on apples and bananas in the same day!

Blueberries – Are also a superfood for doggys! Woohoo! The antioxidants provide all the great benefits to dogs as they do for humans! I give blueberries to Kayden as a training treat, he learnt “paw” from blueberries!

Finally, Carrots – Beta-Carotene is the great pigment that makes carrots orange! It also allows for better dog eye-sight and a shiny coat. Carrots are very low-calorie and a long, unchopped carrot is a great chew-bone alternative.