Hi! Yay for another FEATURED FURIEND and can you believe, all the way from Australia! Does that mean little Dean is upside down!? Dean’s story describes the unique love a doggy can provide to an owner – something everyone who has a fur-baby can relate to! You can follow my furiend Dean on Instagram – @phonesrule  (for a daily dosage of cuteness!)

Love this beautiful story of first-time puppy love! And love you Dean,
Big Lick,
Kayden xoxo

Dean’s first day at home

“Growing up, I always wanted a puppy  but unfortunately my mum had been attacked by a neglected dog. Which to anyone, after an attack, any dog they lay their eyes on comes across as vicious and scary. So the alternative was cats, and as much as I like cats it wasn’t the same.

Now being married with two children, we decided we wanted a puppy (well..me and the kids at the time) but me especially because I was never able to have one growing up.

Hubby on the other hand, although he loves animals, said he would never have any type of pet in the house. One day, me and the kids just thought we’d go on the internet and have a look at some cute little puppies and just dream. We thought we’d show dad, just to annoy him. GUESS WHAT?? We showed him a photo of a couple of puppies and he said YES!!!! He was in love and we rang the lady and told her we would be in the next day.

Dean’s story-: when we rang the lady we asked about another puppy. Don’t get me wrong he was gorgeous, and if we could we would have brought him home too. Within an hour, we decided to look on the ladies site again. There popped up Dean’s picture. “WE FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM”  We weren’t able to get in contact with the lady that evening, so when we went in the morning and apologized and told her we wanted to take Dean.

As for his name, a lot of people ask why “Dean”? My daughter loves the series Supernatural. The main characters are Sam and Dean and she chose Dean.

Dean is my 3rd baby, my friend, someone I can speak to when I am feeling down. Just last year I was made redundant and although all my family is there for me, my little guy is there for me during the day to keep me company. He knows when I’m feeling sad and comes and cuddles up to me. It’s amazing how this little guy knows there’s something wrong. I don’t know what I’d do without him, he is the best friend anyone can ever have

Dean is the love of all our lives, and being a first time dog owner I did a lot of research on what’s good and what’s not. Here are some of my tips-:

  1.  Feed your fur-baby cucumber as it’s very healthy. Full of valuable vitamins and minerals. (Vitamin B). It helps to fight cancer, low blood pressure and improve diabetic symptoms in dogs. Helps with muscle and joint problems like arthritis & it’s good for bad doggie breath.
  1.  Constipation in dogs – as a lot of people know, human milk doesn’t agree with dogs. BUT!! When puppies/dogs are constipated you mix some human milk with some water. This will help them with their number twos.
  1.  NO LEMONS!! – lemons have been proven to be harmful to dogs. They can cause vomiting, diarrhea and depression.

Remember how much your little guy or girl LOVES you through thick and thin and everything else in between!”

Woohooo! Fun time with my ball!