Hi! Mama says there’s people out there who think I’m spoiled! ME! Can you believe it? I just have 1000 toys, especially cooked food, my own tooth brush, my own toothpaste, my own shampoo, my own conditioner, leave in conditioner, more clothes than my daddy, multiple shoes, my own bed, treats given to me at a head tilt and anything else I could ever want…me? Spoiled? Ha.

Keep reading to find out why Mama gets soooo upset when people say I’m not her child, because let’s face it – I am!
Big Lick,
Kayden xoxo

My face when people say I’m spoiled…#Bye

Okay…let me start by saying I know Kayden is a dog, an animal, a canine, a predator, a wild being that theoretically shouldn’t be kept as a “pet.” But people who do not have a special bond with an animal genuinely upset me when they laugh at how connected I am to my dog. “I don’t get it…it’s just a dog.” Ugh.


Have you ever cried so hard that you can’t breathe? One of those moments where you are so upset that it feels like the world is caving in? I have. And guess who laid with me and licked my face until the tears stopped…Kayden.

Have you ever had such a crappy day at work? Where the thought of going back the next day makes you unhappy? I have. And guess who greeted me at the door with cuddles and happiness…Kayden.

Guess who is there everyday, needing me, depending on me, loving me and adoring me…Kayden.

Please don’t think I have a horrible life, or that I don’t have a loving husband and supportive family, because I do. But there are moments, when I just need my puppy. I need to have cuddles with him and just enjoy his happiness. And that is something that people without a pet do not understand. Kayden has the best life he could wish for – and he will always have the best life. He loves me and I love him like a child because he means just as much to me.

One day, I hope to be a mother. I wish to start a family with my husband, and have Kayden as a big “brother.” And I (somehow) feel slightly more prepared for when that time comes because I already have an adorable, gross, poopy, annoying, loving, little boy.

Laugh if you will…I love my dog.