Hi! Woohoo Featured Furiend! This buddy of mine is from England – “Wud Yu Lyke A Spot A Tea Mate?” I wonder if he knows the Queen, she has doggies! Tetley’s story describes how he is very a unique puppy, but with a big loving family! You can follow my furiend Tetley on Instagram – @tetleys_tails (you won’t regret it!)

Tetley is my best IG buddy, right from the start…Love ya Dood,
Big Lick,
Kayden xoxoΒ 


Hi! I’m Tetley and I’m an almost 9 month old cavapoo living in the south east of England. I have a human mummy, daddy, brother and sister not to mention 2 nanny’s and a grandad who love me to the moon and back.

I am very loved and was dreamed about for a long time before I was even born. When mummy lived on her own in London she had dreams of owning a pug called Dave but then she met daddy and he refused, saying he thought pugs were too ugly and noisy! So they agreed on me! I’m very glad they did, as is mummy. I’m a lot fluffier and cuddlier than a pug – and I don’t snort…much! πŸ˜‰

My mummy didn’t manage to have her own non-fluffy kids so I really am her special boy and she loves me as much as if I were human. My big sister and brother come and stay with us a lot and I love playing with them…even though I accidentally scratch them sometimes. Whoops.

I’ve been a bit of a poorly boy since I was about 4 months old. I kept going “wonky” and didn’t feel right, worrying my family who took me to the best vets to try and find out what was wrong with me. A lovely vet called Fabio played with me lots then did lots of tests on me for a day – and even sent my wee all the way to America to get tested! – but luckily they told my pawrents that there is nothing wrong with my brain or spinal chord, which was the big worry. They still they can’t find out what makes me so special…I’m not sure when I should actually tell them that I’m actually absolutely fine…I just like all the extra fuss and attention I get for being a unique little boy! πŸ˜‰

My mummy works long hours to try and buy a nicer home for us with a garden for me to run around, and a lovely haven for my sister and brother to come to. I’m sure we will have it soon. Mummy hates leaving me when she goes to work so I really hope she doesn’t have to do it for too much longer…I think I’ll start saving my pocket money to play the lottery so she can stay at home with me!

I love having my own Instagram page and seeing what all my buddies around the world are up to! They all manage to pose fantastically…I’m still practising but I do my best to create my own Blue Steel moments! Kayden has lots and lots of followers but for me he is definitely my best buddy on here and I love seeing his snaps! Love you, buddy across the pond!
Tetley xxx