Hi! Mama knows the owner of Adorapaws pet salon and grooming services in Southampton, England! Her name is Jackie Coombes and she is a fabulous groomer with years and years of working with fur-babies!
Mama asked her some questions about how to keep us all happy, healthy & gorgeous!
Big Lick,

Kayden xoxo

I love the groomers!
  1. Why is it important for a dog to visit the groomers often?

“All dogs shed coat and have new regrowth. (Apart from hairless breeds of course!) Non shedding dogs need brushing and combing to remove the dead coat/prevent matting and aerate the skin. All dogs benefit from grooming – whether at a groomers or at home. Benefits of visiting a groomers often; lots of fuss & cuddles from another human! Haha! Helps keep eyes clear & hygene areas clear, clean & healthy. It also becomes routine, and a non-stressful part of life. Grooming helps the dog get used to close handling from different people. Groomers are also able to identify possible issues with ears, skin, parasites, pads, nails or areas overlooked by the owner. Although most dogs that go to a groomer have a fair bit of coat, it’s important for short haired breeds also. Keeping the skin clean, a nice shiny coat without stripping the natural oils. Short haired dogs such as pugs and bulldogs can also benefit from grooming by having their wrinkles cleaned.”

      2. Do you have any tips to long-haired dog owners?

“Get the right brushes & combs with advice from your breeder or groomer and use carefully. Groom your dog in short, regular and enjoyable spells when you’re both relaxed so you and the dog don’t get fed up. Play or reward (treat) after home grooming with a special toy/treat that you save especially for after groom time.”

3. What is something you see people do wrong with home grooming?

“The worst trait done with home grooming is when you see the dog has been bullied into it. It should be a shared, bonding experience. Even dogs that don’t like being groomed at first can learn to tolerate it with consistent positive reward. It has to be part of a routine. Like teaching a little human to have their hair brushed. No different. I advise people to not snatch at knots and matts if they find one – it is much kinder to have it clipped out at the groomers than pulling at the dog as that makes the area sore. I liken it to having gum in your hair – how would you like having that yanked out?!”

Special Thanks & Love to Jackie Coombes for the grooming info! xoxo