Hi! Another confession time….I’m a serial poop eater. (*Mama Gags*) You name it, I eat it! Deer poop, bunny poop, cat poop..all the poops! Nom nom nom. Oh, and if I’m not eating it, I’m definitely rolling in it! Mama says it’s disgusting, especially as I love to give her kisses! 

Do you eat poop? You should try it if you haven’t. Mama has done some research to find out why I eat the yummy brown stuff – and I actually eat a lot less than I used to (shame really!)
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Big Poopy-Lick (haha)
Kayden, xoxo

This is me eating a leaf – Don’t worry.

I know. I know. And I’m sorry – but no one ever talks about it. My adorable, fluffy, teddy bear of a puppy is a poop eater, yay! (Not.)
The first piece of research I read regarding his yucky habit suggested that he was not getting enough nutrients. That Kayden was tempted to eat the mess to get more “food” in his system. After regular vet visits, with constant weight measurements and changing his food – yep, he’s fine, just a chubby little fatty that loves poop.

The second theory is that he is a dog. Simple. Dogs are scavengers. It is in his nature as an animal, to eat what he finds because he is unsure when his next meal will be. Survival. And beggers definitely can’t be choosers. Kayden is also very greedy. He is well fed, with daily treats & will still beg for our human food. Begging dogs are more likely to be poop-eater dogs. (Again, yay.)

Thankfully, I have read that it might also just be a “puppy thing” – he is exploring. Young dogs are like young children, they see something, and it goes straight in their mouths. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

I’ve learnt that a few things have helped with this awful habit:

  • Don’t over react. I used to scream (literally high pitch scream) and then cry because I thought I was a bad pawrent. Don’t do this. Correct the behavior with a sharp “NO” then continue with the walk. So they know they won’t get attention from scarfing down feces.
  • Try to avoid poop areas. I know this sounds ridiculous, but if there is a certain dog park known for poop, or areas of grass where they usually get their “little brown treats” then keep a short leash.
  • I also keep real dog treats on me during walks, and when I say “No” to him sniffing poop and then leaving it alone, he gets a treat and lots of praise.

Turns out, all dogs have their favorite treats, and for Kayden, peanut butter beats poop every time!