Hi! Mama gets very worried about me in the cold! Philadelphia has had a wind chill that has made Philly be below freezing for the temperature this week! It’s a good thing I love the attention when she dresses me up – EVERYONE talks about how cute I am in my clothes!

Keep reading to find out how Mama gets me dressed and where my clothes come from!
Big Lick,
Kayden xoxo

Looking for my Goose!

How cute is this adorable Top Gun jacket! It’s the first all 4 leg coat I’ve put Kayden in, and it’s definitely the warmest! The inside is lined with a wonderful soft fake fur that really helps with insulation! You can find out how to get your own and more about the amazing dog clothing brand @dogcentury on the Kayden’s Sponsor’s Page found on the home screen!

Most people ask how I get Kayden into clothes, as many dogs panic and do not like the feeling of being enclosed. I’ve found that praise is Kayden’s favorite “treat”. I use my annoying Dog Mum high pitch voice (that sends shivers down my husband’s spine) and continuously talk to him. The best advice my husband has ever given me is the knowledge that dog’s vibe off of the emotional output of their owner – if you’re nervous as an owner, your doggy will be nervous too!

Knowing this – I have always been confident in dressing Kayden. Just go for it, don’t panic or struggle, lots of smiles and if needed, treats! I only dress Kayden if the temperature is below freezing. I know that his own coat keeps him warm, but I’ve seen him shiver from the wind. All 4 leg-coats are great for keeping the dog’s heat in – I would 100% recommend dressing your dog in negative temperatures, especially if you are walking on the sidewalk as opposed to running free at the park!

(You will also love the extra positive attention your little one will get from passers by – it really helps with Kayden’s nervousness of strangers as they all coo over how adorable he is!)