Snow Do’s & Don’ts!

Hi! There’s so much cold stuff on the ground today, I love it! I get to bounce around and smoosh my face into it – oh, and have you tried eating it!? Yum! Mama says it’s called snow, but I’m not allowed to play in it for too long, otherwise I cry when I come back in the warm 😦 She puts these Continue reading “Snow Do’s & Don’ts!”

Fashions fade..Style is eternal…

Hi! I’m so excited to finally tell you about all the lovely clothes I wear & I love wearing!! I love wearing clothes because once I’m in them, Mama gives me sooo much fuss and tells me how “ohhh sooooo beautifuuulllll” I am! (Which I already know – she doesn’t need to tell me!)

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Kayden’s Purpose…

Hi! Mama went away this weekend and it was the worst weekend ever! My daddy looked after me, and I love my daddy, but nothing compares to Mama. I slept under the table and laid next to the front door waiting for her to come home – and when she did, I pee’d on the floor to make sure she knew how excited I was! I make sure I bark at people who come too close to Mama, I’m her protector! Continue reading “Kayden’s Purpose…”

Doggy Diapers – yes, that’s a thing!

Hi! I’ve had the worst week ever! Mama took me to the vet and when I woke up, I had this crazy cone on my head – and I had the worst itch that I couldn’t scratch. I quickly figured out how to wiggle around the cone and lick my boo-boo, but as soon as I did…..they diapered me!Β 

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Walkies – The Struggle is Real!

Hi! Today, I have something to admit – I HATE WALKIES! I have even come up with some ways to make walkies even more difficult for my paw-rents! I run and hide under the table when they get my harness out &Β I like to roll in the grass outside on my back so they can’t pull me. I’ve even rolled in poop on the doggie-trail so they have to take me home! Muahaha…Secretly, I’m an evil genius!

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Bringing Kayden Home!

Kayden at 8 weeks

Hi! I’ve lived with my Mama and Daddy for 3 months now – they say I’m spoiled, but I say I’m pawfect! I remember the day I left my fur-mama, but it doesn’t make me sad anymore. I hated the big loud car and I threw up on Daddy’s lap 3 times! Coming from the country to living in the city was scaaaaary and so loud, I barely moved for 2 days. I still get scared of the screaming cars with lights on the top, but Mama always bends down and lets me nuzzle into her until the noise has gone.

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World – Meet Kayden!

Hi! My name is Kayden and I’m a 6 month old cavapoo – I have one goal…TO MAKE YOU SMILE!!

I live in Philly with my Mama and Daddy and I’m the biggest Mama’s boy on the planet πŸ™‚ I loooooove to cuddle, I hate walkies (why walk when you can cuddle?!) And I confess…I’m a peanut butter addict.Β 

Each post, I will allow my Mama to write about me – she wants to help with making you smile! She’ll share stories about me and give some tips on raising a fluffy little monster like me!Β 

Big Lick,
Kayden xoxo

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